pimped bookcarts

The Unshelved Pimp My Bookcart winners are up and available for the looking. Unlike the Bookcart Drill Teams where bookcarts have to have a semblance of structural integrity, some of these fanciful creations seem to have almost no functionality at all. See all the entrants here. My faves: Food for Thought (and handsome book vendor), Jetson’s Skypad Apartments, Spookmobile, and Research Help Five Cents!

2 thoughts on “pimped bookcarts

  1. I’ve always been tempted to enter this contest as an individual and have one simple “trick”. I modify some of those hinge/drawer type things you find in cabinets so that you could “pull up” one of the shelves to about waist level to take the books out of it. Would it be more of an annoyance or would it help? I don’t know….

    Of course, since I’m not a circ person I’m not sure what I would do if I won. (Or for that matter, where I’d get a cart).

    Perhaps I’ll do it one of these days, and if I win give the carts to libraries that needed it.

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