I subscribe to the LibLime news blog which is often announcements of libraries that have decided to go with Koha. It’s an interesting blog, I’m always curious who decides to go to the Open Source route. This latest announcement about the Derby Public Library cheered me because not only are they going with Koha, they’re implementing YakPac which is a kid-specific OPAC that still has a huge degree of functionality. I show it off a lot in my 2.0 talks because it’s engaging and entertaining and represents the answer to the question “how far can you go with the OPAC?” without a lot of bells and whistles, just fun easy-to-use design.

One thought on “YakPac

  1. Hi Jessamyn, I’m a long time MeFi member but I just started working as a programmer at my local university’s library, and will be working pretty heavily with some open source technologies that the librarians are (mostly) pretty excited about. So I figured subscribing to your blog and checking in way more often would be a very good move.

    So just thought I’d say Cheers. Hopefully I’ll be able to say more wen I’m in deeper with all this stuff.

    — alexander (aka space coyote)

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