some end of the week short links

It’s been a busy week this week. I had eight people come to computer drop-in time on Tuesday which was a tech frenzy of PayPal and email and inserting graphics and Yahoo mail address books. I’ve had a few of these links hanging around for a while waiting to find time to write proper posts, but I figured I’ll drop them in here. I see a lot of blogging as playing hot potato with a bunch of web content. You find it, you pass it on, the next person passes it on. The more content you shift, the easier it is to quickly ascertain which things you need to save for longer perusal and which need to just get passed on for the next person. I’ve read and absorbed these and thought you might like them.

3 thoughts on “some end of the week short links

  1. Love the Hollywood clip!! Blogging as hot potato, that’s a great analogy!

    And I think ILA is very smart. I was at a “Online Safety Forum” paid for by (of all folks) Verizon last week.

  2. Thank you so much for posting T. Scott’s article on “paying dues”… The library world needs more positive mentors for us newbies… I’ve passed it on to my peers as well

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