I’ll take Manhattan!

I gave a two hour talk and a two hour workshop of sorts at that Manahttan Public Library in Manhattan, Kansas on Monday. It was rally fun and, I think, well received. I got to talk about all sorts of 2.0 stuff including all my favorite nerdy sites and even got to talk about the scrotum dustup from a few days ago. My talk is online here: Web 2.0, Library 2.0, Librarian 2.0, and why it’s no big deal, seriously. It’s a big expansion of my previous 2.0-ish talk that that I did at NELA last year. Big thanks to Carol Barta for giving me a cozy place to stay at her house and to Fred and Sue for picking me up at the airport and Linda for organizing it all. Also thanks to Donna for organizing the early morning coffee klatsch in “the room” and to everyone else for coming. I’m not much of a morning person, but I was glad to make an exception. I hope to be back in Kansas at least once or twice more this year.

9 thoughts on “I’ll take Manhattan!

  1. Thanks for coming. Usually in-service days are spent on how to be nice to patrons and other such stuff.

    I told some of pals there that day that when people ask them about 2.0 the response should be:
    “Oh, you’re still talking about 2.0″(very smug tone of voice.)

  2. Thanks Jessamyn, for a tool that will help lots of us with issues of dialog & education about some issues that seems quasi-mystical to some. And since it’s warm and fuzzy, it’ll be easier for our cat people to relate, seriously.

  3. that talk is super interesting and definitely more detailed than anything i could come up with…i like how you had all those Kansas related sites at the end. application is cool.

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