Jessamyn, librarian *and* faerie priestess

Hey look, it’s a Jessamyn/librarian who is not me!

Jessamyn Fawn is torn between her two lives – that of a librarian living in the mundane confines of suburbia and her secret life as Faerie Priestess. Her work within the Faerie Ring takes a new turn after a Beltane ritual, which leads her further and further into the Faerie realms – and to a spiritual and sensual awakening that threatens to unravel Jessamyn’s everyday life. Jessamyn realises that in order to truly be herself she must find a way to bring these seemingly opposing worlds together.

One thought on “Jessamyn, librarian *and* faerie priestess

  1. I am a reading resource teacher in Virginia. Recently I published a 5th grade novel which I would like to send to librarians to read. How do I do that? Is there a e-mail list of librarians that I may obtain or purchase?

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