Conference Speaking: Walt Has a Little List

I haven’t read the rest of the current Cites & Insights yet, but Walt has made a little mashup of the conference advice that he accumulated from posts by me, Rachel and Dorothea with his own added observations and notes. Since the HTML version of C&I doesn’t have links, I’ve added links to the posts he mentions here.

2 thoughts on “Conference Speaking: Walt Has a Little List

  1. Thanks for the mention. I don’t include links because the HTML version is an offshoot of the primary PDF–but you already know that. (Also because it’s so easy to find this stuff on your own.) I see that Fiona (blisspix) has already added the article to her wiki…

    Lazygal: I was specifically dealing with speaking at conferences. A roundup of comments and advice on going to conferences appeared, oh, maybe a year or two back, and might be worth redoing. (It’s a little tricky linking to Word documents, though…those of us a bit paranoid about viruses won’t open .doc files unless we personally know the sender, since macros are possible.) Early on, I thought about incorporating some of the “conferencegoer advice” stuff, and decided it would result in an overlength and less focused piece. Maybe next year; maybe this summer.

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