it’s great when someone blogs your talks

I’m on my way out of Madison, Wisconsin tomorrow. I had a great time at WLA, both giving a few talks and hanging out with some cool librarians. Tasha Saecker blogged both of my talks and you can read her notes on my talks, as well as the talks themselves.

Sensible Technology Trends in Libraries: my notes/slides, Tasha’s notes

Small Libraries and the Digital Divide: my notes/slides, Tasha’s notes

2 thoughts on “it’s great when someone blogs your talks

  1. i was at yer talk on “sensible technology trends”. it was very inspiring and also entertaining. thanks for being there! i had actually just “subscribed” to yer blog via rss a couple weeks ago and have been reading yer posts on library 2.0 with interest since then. i didn’t even know you were going to be at the conference.

    kewaskum pl

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed WLA. I wish I would have been able to get to Wis. Dells to hear you speak.

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