4 thoughts on “This Week on A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette

  1. Ahoy, Ms. J.

    I’ve enjoyed your work for so long. You really do show us all how it’s done. Your OPAC Manifesto is the shiz and the niz and your use of word press is as elegant as it is ordered.

    There’s only one thing. Just something that bothers me a tad. The tagline “Putting the Rarin’ back into Librarian” is terrible. lol. It’s just so trite and it doesn’t even make sense. I’m embarassed to show folks the site simply because of it.

    I’m sorry. But it had to be said.

    Keep up the fine, fine work.


  2. Do you think it’s a UK thing? I’ve always thought it was a little on the goofy side but I’d never go so far as “embarassing” If you show folks the RSS feed, then they won’t see it!

  3. Hehe. It could well be a UK thing. We are a grumpy bunch by comparison when it comes down to it!



  4. Personally, I LOVE the “rarin’ back in librarian”! :-)

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