Movers, Shakers, Candlestick Makers (also bloggers)

Another round of Movers and Shakers with more than a few familiar faces and some people I’ve now said “Oh man, I have to meet that person.” Congratulations to Vermonter Trina Magi and new settler Meredith Farkas, JohnBloggers Blyberg (on the “to meet” list) and Hubbard (who I had lunch with once back in 2001 and should do so again) and popblogger Sophi Brookover along with PLA blogger Beth Gallaway. Also selected were Jill Stover from the Library Marketing blog, Matt Gullett (updated link) who writes for the Library Journal Tech blog among a zillion other places, Alycia Sellie Madison ZineFest cofounder, and Sarah Johnson from Beyond the Job. Nice job everyone!

5 thoughts on “Movers, Shakers, Candlestick Makers (also bloggers)

  1. You’re mixing up your Matts! The Mover & Shaker Matt Gullett is the LJ Matt Gullett, but not the programmer dude. Not unless Matt has a very secret life I don’t know about! Regardless, I’m right proud to call Matt Gullett (the Bloomington Library IT manager/community technology guy/gamefest dude) my friend and colleague.

  2. I got nominated for a mover and shaker award and didn’t get it. I am a tad resentful.

  3. You know, the person I nominated (who was not you, alas) also didn’t make it, I wonder if we’re under some sort of a cursed sign this year?

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