2005 reading list, a year end summary

Time for the annual recitation of the books, same as last year, 600+ posts later. Thanks to some handy last-minute coding by Greg, it’s much easier for me to make a list of all the books I read in 2005. Yes I love LibraryThing, no I am not replacing my booklist with it.

number of books read in 2005: 86
number of books read in 2004: 103
number of books read in 2003: 75
number of books read in 2002: 91
number of books read in 2001: 78
average read per month: 7.2
average read per week: 1.7
number read in worst month: 3 (November, December)
number read in best month: 12 (March)
percentage by male authors: 74
percentage by female authors: 26
fiction as percentage of total: 55
non-fiction as percentage of total: 45
percentage of total liked: 84
percentage of total ambivalent: 14
percentage of total disliked: 2

8 thoughts on “2005 reading list, a year end summary

  1. I keep a separate reading list, too. I still treat LibraryThing like my personal OPAC with a shared catalog element. It’s more than just what I’ve read, and not everything I read will be in it.

  2. here is a link to my 2005 list of books read (not including the half that I couldn’t finish). I can’t imagine reading any more than I did this year. I have no idea what I typically read in a given year, but this felt like substantially more than average. That’s a good thing. I was checking out some other blogs that I know were working on the 50 books thing, and it is remarkable how many books were read. For example, check out Jessamyn’s stats at Librarian.net. Eighty-six books. And that’s down from last year for her. Jessa at Bookslut hasn’t posted her list yet, but she was way up there months ago when she last posted a number of books read. Neal Pollock, who has a kid, made me feel a little better. He looked like he was going to be close when he last posted a number, and he’s a professional writer. Maybe I’m not such a slacker. (Update

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