Anchorage library laying off 22 higher-educated librarians, hiring ten new workers at lower pay. Whenever they ask me about the “librarian shortage” I point them to stories like these.

[the mayor] described the library’s layoffs of upper-end employees and the hiring next year of 10 new workers at lower pay as a restructuring…. they will not receive severance pay but will be able to cash out unused leave… Some can choose whether to accept the layoff or to exercise “bumping rights” to move down a step, pushing other workers further down. [thanks bill]

second day with the new weblog

Hi. Okay so welcome to at ibiblio! the reason this is not already at the new servers may be partly my fault. In any case, I said “come hell or high water” so I figured I’d add some content here. It’s a funny thing about that New York Times article. They included the text of my signs, not the signs themselves, and they cited my weblog, and not my name. Weirder still is they changed where I had written “National Security” and hyphenated it? I mean I agree that any publicity is good publicity, but it was just so weird.

Speaking of New York, and libraries, this understated library club looks like it might have some fun parties.

PATRIOT Watch: Karen Schneider has told me that this is a week for rejoicing. According to her, all state library associations have now passed resolutions against the PATRIOT Act. You wouldn’t know it by looking at ALAs website, color me surprised. Oh wait, here’s the link. How could I have missed that?

The “stack of random literature” that comes with the Librarian Action Figure includes a book on Bulgarian Flan, and the Devil’s Dictionary. [thanks jen]

Oh Lord help us. Tori Amos considers herself a librarian.

You have no idea how unglamorous it can be sometimes but if you think of me as a librarian from a different dimension, these are books that come to me in sonic form and I have to stay focused or I am manipulated. [thanks josh]

Georgia’s only accredited library school may be closing. The Black Caucus of the ALA is starting a letter writing campaign [thanks bill]slightly unclear on how prescription medicine works in this country. A nice idea, stupidly put.

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meet the new site, same as the old site

Hi. So I guess this site was mentioned in the New York Times magazine [in a sidebar that is not online and so I haven’t even seen it yet] during the two-day window when I am switching to a new web host. The only time this site has ever switched to a new web host. Hello, I am Jessamyn West and this is my supreme being’s idea of irony. Updates resume tomorrow, come hell or high water.

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