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UCLA taser incident, why no UCLA library voice?

What about the UCLA taser incident? Morgan wonders why we didn’t hear more about it on the blogosphere. I know that I was waiting for not just the inevitable ass-covering by the University Police, but also some sort of response … Continue reading

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how it should work: Burger guest blogs on Google Blog

This seems like a nice way for librarians and Google to work together. Leslie Burger, ALA President, blogs on the Google blog about Banned Books Week. Now blah blah blah whatever about Banned Books Week. I’ve made my opinion clear … Continue reading

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Leslie Burger: keep everlastingly at it

Jenny has reprinted parts of Leslie Burger’s inauguration speech on her site. It’s pretty “go go change!” but if you’ve ever spent any time with Leslie you’ll know that her enthusiasm is infectious. Build a culture that encourages and rewards … Continue reading

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See you at the PLA Blog

I’m in New Orleans and arrived safe and sound depsite the same travel problems that everyone else seemed to have. I’m in the Council information session listening to Leslie Burger talk about (I might say “defend”) her Library Corps idea … Continue reading

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for the ALA inclined

Two notable posts for people even a little involved in ALA. Leslie Burger reports on the situation in New Orleans, now just a few months before the annual conference scheduled to be there. As someone who went to Toronto during … Continue reading

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