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have you done your donut duty today?

A quotation I liked from a blog I read frequently. Check out all the library posts. “Show me a town that denies funding to a library, and I’ll show you a librarian who stays in the office. Show me a … Continue reading

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tagswarming @ your library

The Missouri Botanical Garden is tagging the illustrations in their collection using volunteers and a shared del.icio.us account. They call this approach TagSwarming. Here is their tag cloud, and here is the blog entry from the digital library guy who … Continue reading

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the illiterate libraran, a community library in an impoverished Brazilian neighborhood

The Community Library, 18th Street. A labor of love library in Sao Goncalo, Brazil. The house has been christened, as the big, hand-painted sign on the roof proudly announces, the Community Library, 18th Street. On busy afternoons, it’s standing room … Continue reading

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