Month: January 2005

endangered libraries

Michael has started an Endangered Library List on his blog. Let him know if you have additions.

users don’t care that we’re experts

A good point to remember from a panel discussion that Stephanie attended, discussing Google Scholar. “Users don’t care. They want quick, they want cheap, they want easy….As much as we want them to enjoy finding information, they don’t.”

who do you vaguely know? networking

Priscilla from LIScareer has a great article up on Free Pint about establishing and maintaining an online presence and how that all meshes with the complicated world of networking.

hi – 27jan

Hi. I’m messing with my feeds today and starting to move more towards using the XML version of the feed instead of the RDF. In any case, Bloglines has been reporting some versions of this feed [they have several] as…

hitchhiker outreach

Another hitchhiker outreach story. I picked up a kid who was getting off work at the local ski resort and gave him a ride in to town. He said that he lived right near the library — where I was…