Month: October 2004

hi – 30oct

Hi. I’m a little tired and have been taking bad notes, though I did see the Power of the Napkin Sketch work wonders this evening. Both Eli and Fred have some good commons-meeting-oriented notes on their sites. There may also…

hi – 28oct

Hi. I had a great time at the Dartmouth conference which has to go down in history as one of the best-run conferences I’ve been to. People stuck to time limits, were generally interesting and engaging, had stories to tell,…

Dartmouth conference: takintg the library to our users

Very rough notes from the Dartmouth Conference are online now. I’m heading out for Indian food. One side benefit of leaving the state is that going out for “ethnic” food doesn’t automatically mean Italian.

a chat about creative commons

I just posted a short chat interview with Matt Haughey the Creative Director of the Creative Commons project about copyright and librarians and music.

the faq on the FAQ

The ALA web site FAQ has returned after an 18 month absence. You might recall that I reported it missing in June of last year, replaced by a “how to use this new web site” faq. Of course, the handy…