the faq on the FAQ

The ALA web site FAQ has returned after an 18 month absence. You might recall that I reported it missing in June of last year, replaced by a “how to use this new web site” faq. Of course, the handy URL still goes someplace else. There are also a few other ALA FAQ’s hanging around the site including this one which occupies the coveted FAQ position on the sidebar. Don’t try looking for FAQs in the search engine [which is due to be replaced within a few months, woo hoo!] because since the word FAQ is in the footer text, a search for “FAQ” will bring up every page on the site. Councilors just got a report from ALA president Kieth Fiels about, among other things, the web site stating [emphasis mine]

The staff in the ALA Library have been working on two tools to improve how visitors our site will be able to access the most sought after information. The first of these is the Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ). These were part of the old site, but not transferred to the new site, as it was hoped that the improved navigational features of the content management system (CMS) underlying the current would make these unnecessary. This hasn’t proved to be the case, so the ALA FAQ web page has been updated. You can access the ALA FAQ at:
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