hi – 28oct

Hi. I had a great time at the Dartmouth conference which has to go down in history as one of the best-run conferences I’ve been to. People stuck to time limits, were generally interesting and engaging, had stories to tell, kept to the topic and I saw a lot of informal talking and chitchatting during the two hour long lunch and poster session. I got to meet a contributor to Revolting Librarians Redux, meet some other new folks, talk to some folks I knew and learn a few things. I’m on my way to Cerritos California for the Workshop on the Information Commons that, alas, has no web site, but you can read the bibliography that we got [in print and online]. So, posting will be sparse and I’ll likely not post much in any big way until after the election so I figured I’d leave you with one link and one quote that came over the Council listserv this week. The link is to Michael McGrorty’s presidential poll results from his admittedly unscientific polling, plus his always insightful commentary. Lastly, this from Boston Public Library president and fellow Councilor Bernie Margolis

I wanted to share the good news of a decision just made which I hope and believe will give a positive focus on libraries. Democratic Candidate for President Senator John Kerry has decided to use the Boston Public Library at Copley Square in Boston as the backdrop for his Election Day Evening announcement of victory or concession. Senator Kerry, Senator Edwards and their families will be appearing after an evening concert with James Taylor, Carole King, Bon Jovi and others on a stage outside the library. We are hoping for and negotiating some coverage about libraries in general and the Boston Public Library in particular as part of the lead-in coverage by the networks and other media covering the event. Over 40 satellite trucks are expected. These events are public and you all are invited.  Not only are we celebrating the World Champion Red Sox for their World Series win, but we are also gearing up for an important Election Day event at our doorstep. Boston is, of course, as it has been written, the “Hub of the Universe”.
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