Month: September 2004

hi – 29sep

Hi. I just wanted to toot my own horn briefly and talk about two things happening at my library. One of them is a fines reduction program that we are running with the local food shelf. They are having a…

building accessible library web sites

It’s delightful when someone puts together a web resource that you wish you’d done yourself. I can’t wait to pass around the Accessible Design for Library Web Sites pages at work. [libinblack]

gag orders unconstitutional says federal court. duh, says jessamyn.

Federal court finds gag order provision of Section 505 of the USA PATRIOT Act [a gag order eeerily close to the one found in Section 215] to be an “unconstitutional prior restraint” on free speech. The ACLU noted that the…

why aren’t the vendors blogging?

Jenny tosses down the gauntlet “Why don’t OCLCs blog or news releases talk about the new OCLC stuff?” OCLC [or the staff that maintain a non-official blog] responds. This sort of notification would have been really handy during the whole…

revlibred postcards en route!

Here are a few pictures of the envelopes and little cards I am making today for everyone who has patiently waited for Revolting Librarians Redux postcards from me.