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I am collecting a list of single-link “save the library” sites or other library value advocacy sites. If people want to add some in the comments, please do. The Save Libraries umbrella site is a good go-to place for general information on funding crises hitting libraries and ALA has a decent page with links to some Facebook examples.


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  1. Doug Baldwin Says: (NJ Public Libraries)

  2. Katie Ingersoll Says: (Philadelphia)

  3. arkham Says:

    Nice to see a mention of Illinois, which somehow seems to end up missing from these kinds of compilations.

    Ohio, California get lots of attention…not so much Illinois.

    Thanks to the complete disaster that is the Illinois state budget, library systems in Illinois are downsizing drastically as of July 1.

    Two systems have so far made public announcements on their cuts and all 7 others are likely to follow soon.

    Library systems in Illinois provide delivery of library materials, consulting on many issues to libraries, and in many cases administer the automation system and online catalog.

    For the public announcements from the 2 systems that have made them so far (my understanding is that the systems will be cutting a total of 38 staff between them):

  4. NJLibrarian Says: (new Jersey Libraries)

  5. Stephanie Carr Says:

    This is a website of free development resources collected by 2008 and 2010 ALA Emerging Leaders Group. There is a designated library advocacy section put together by the 2010 group that focuses on links to websites with examples of, and free resources for, library advocacy.

  6. Stephanie Carr Says:

    The website did not show up in my last post. It’s

  7. Terry Says:

    Here’s one: for Hood River County. It’s too late for them — the decision to stop funding them was made on May 18th — but supporters are trying to move forward from here.

  8. Kathleen de la Peña McCook Says:

    Save LSU’s SLIS Program.!/group.php?gid=122163641150057

  9. Lisa Philpotts Says: (Southeast Regional Library in Wake County, NC) (All of the above for Charlotte-Meck, NC) (Orange County, NC)

  10. Librarified » Advocating for libraries in crisis Says:

    [...] West also compiled a list of single link advocacy sites supporting libraries in need. If a library in your area is on the list, check out the site and see [...]