now running on WordPress 2.2.2

I upgraded to WordPress 2.2.2. Did you notice? I used a nifty little plug in called Maintennce Mode so that if you did try to hit the site in the last 20 minutes or so, you’d see a silly photo of me and a note that the site would be back up in about 60 minutes. How very 2.0, no? If you notice anything gone kablooey, please email me and let me know. I’ll be around here kicking hte tires.

Also, another transition you may not have noticed. The Shifted Librarian is running on WordPress now too! While I can’t take all the credit for it, I did port the design over to a WordPress template and did a lot of the fiddley bits that make the site look and feel almost the same while working a lot better. Blake did some nifty back-end heroics and Jenny gave us both the guidance (and the passwords) to get it all done.

6 comments for “ now running on WordPress 2.2.2

  1. Michael Stephens
    21Aug07 at 9:50

    Great work! Can you do TTW soon? :-)

  2. 21Aug07 at 11:39

    Big thank yous all around! I feel like I’m blogging in the 21st century now :-p

  3. 22Aug07 at 9:21

    That maintenance mode plugin sounds great. I’ve often thought of temporarily modifying the .htaccess rules on my blog when I do upgrades, but have been too lazy to do so.

    Thanks for the tip.

  4. Meg
    22Aug07 at 12:27

    Grats! Um, not related to your change, but for some reason, no matter what computer I’m on, the left side of your letters begins to cut off as I scroll down the page until whole letters are missing from entries farther down. It’s been this way since you went to the themes, and it doesn’t seem to matter which theme I’m using. Maybe it’s that these library computers use IE 6? I’ll have to see if it cuts off like this at home using Firefox. Stupid standardized library computer software from the library consortium… Anyways, just wondered if anyone else got to play “Guess the letter” the farther down the page they went.

  5. 22Aug07 at 5:45

    Hi Meg — I can’t really visualize what you’re talking about. Can you email me a screenshot?

  6. 25Aug07 at 5:09

    We also used wordpress 2.2 for and I love it! Liquid design rules!

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