confessions of a bookplate junkie

Hi. I’m in the Los Feliz branch of Los Angeles Public library where the air conditioning is brisk and the wifi is fast and free. Abby has an amusing wrap-up of her impressions of the WLA conference as well as some thoughts about Library Thing. It’s fun to hang out with other moderator/administrators of library-ish social-ish sites (LibraryThing for her and MetaFilter for me). A lot of the issues we deal with concerning identity, authority and content filtering as well as the sheer volume of the bits and bytes we move around mean that even though our sites are very different, some of the cat-herding aspects of being an overseer of a social software network are very similar.

Speaking of MetaFilter, here’s a fun link from there today: Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie.

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  1. Baby Got Books » Farging Bastages Says:

    [...] The more likely scenario is that I would then become obsessed with bookplates, and the no-goodnik book thieves would remain oblivious to their crimes. The Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie blog gives some idea of what book plate addiction looks like (link via Won’t someone think of the children! [...]