librarian joke

I went to a panel discussion the “Catalog Transformed” featuring Andrew Pace, John Blyberg, Jina Wakimoto, Jill Newby and Cindy Levine. Andrew showed off their Endeca-based OPAC and explained why it had a feature set that ran circles around all the other currently available tools. Cindy did some sample searches and generally showed the thing off. John Blyberg, speaking about his ILS Customers Bill of Rights started out this way, “How many people in this room are satisfied with their OPAC?” No one raised their hand… except for, after a moment, Andrew Pace. Bump, set, spike.

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  1. Tomb of the Unknown Librarian » Catching up on the Blogosphere Says:

    [...] In between analyzing FRBR, MARC, indicators, and authority records, I finally got back to reading what’s going on in the world of library OPACS. Wow, what I have been missing. From Jessamyn to Blyberg, I love it. There is some real interesting debate going on and it sounds like everyone has an opinion and the vendors are as freaked and frustrated as the end users. I’m not going to rehash all of it but I think it’s going to be a fun year. It’s just a matter of time before the ILS as we know it is replaced by a coal powered difference engine that incorporates sophisticated algorithms and rankings based on user preference, search trends and click throughs. [...]