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TechEssence and blog people generally

You probably saw it someplace else already, but I can’t get over the amazing list of superstars who will be contributing to TechEssence.info, a new site about “accurate, understandable explanations of important information technologies for libraries.” The site runs on…

READ posters, please make your own

Unlike the Springfield Public Library or the Librarian Trading Cards, there isn’t currently a tool to do this, but this LISNews post encourages librarians, and anyone I guess, to make their own READ posters and add them to this group…

lisnews public service announcement

If you’re noting something weird with LISNews (weirder than usual, that is) Blakes starting the process of redirecting lisnews.com traffic to lisnews.org. Let him know if something goes kablooie.

2005 year in review

John from Library Link of the Day has posted his annual Ten Stories that Shaped 2005 over at LISNews. I’ve got comments turned on for this post [I think], what are some other big LIS stories from 2005?

how mdoneil got his cessna

Reason number seventeen to not mess with your librarian: They know the law and they do not tolerate any guff