TechEssence and blog people generally

You probably saw it someplace else already, but I can’t get over the amazing list of superstars who will be contributing to, a new site about “accurate, understandable explanations of important information technologies for libraries.” The site runs on drupal and is already an eye-catcher both in looks and content.

I’m envisioning some sort of future Laff-a-lympics that pitts the TechEssence folks against the LJ TechBlog team versus the ALA Techsource bloggers with their longstanding grudge match against the PLA Bloggers and the scrappy LISNewsters. I guess I’d be somewhere in the peanut gallery, someone will have to be there to blog about it, right?

2 comments for “TechEssence and blog people generally

  1. 06Apr06 at 10:21

    Who you callin’ scrappy? LISNewsterz will bury those other wannabes!

  2. 06Apr06 at 12:06

    Cripes! I’ll have to decide which team I’ll fight on. I think I’d be inclined to cast my lot with my old homeys, the LISNewsters. But only if we can dress up like luchadores.

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