Library Journal Mover and Shaker Nomination form

I emailed with Ann Kim at Library Journal who said that people can email in their Mover and Shaker nomination forms as long as it has all the same information they ask for on the pdf form. I have taken the text of this and put it online for people to copy and paste into an email message. So, if printing/faxing/mailing was keeping you from nominating someone to be a Library Journal Mover and Shaker, here is a solution for you.

It’s Mover and Shaker Time Again

Do you know someone who would look great gracing the pages of Library Journal for all the good library work they’ve been doing this year? Do they rock? Are you in awe of their librarian superpowers? If so, nominations are open for Movers & Shakers 2006. If you need to refresh your memory of who has already been selected, here are the winners for 2002 [there’s me!], 2003, 2004, 2005. Push the envelope and ask Library Journal if maybe we can submit nominations electronically this time. [thanks marylaine]

Library Journal editorial

Library Journal publishes letters [including one from my co-editor K.R.] and then an editorial about the Gorman piece, hopefully putting it to bed once and for all. Does anyone honestly believe, as Fialkoff claims, that ” [l]ibraries are often ahead of most businesses and institutions in developing and using technology.” Anyone?

Whether viciously funny, or just plain vicious, Michael Gorman’s scathing indictment of bloggers unleashed an avalanche of outrage from librarians, the blogging community, and technophiles generally. The consensus among readers was about 99–1 against Gorman—and very few seemed to find the piece humorous, as he said he intended.