Library Camp East cheatsheet of links

I had a great time at Library Camp East and at the Darien Library generally. It was fun getting to give the techie librarian hi-five to new folks and old friends. I was only sorry it wasn’t like sleepover camp where we all could have sat around in the library basement in sleeping bags behind the glow of our laptops and IMed YouTube videos to each other for hours. It was that sort of crowd. As with many trips, the drive up and back with Casey and Lichen and the early morning commute with Michael Golrick were equally high points of the event as was my third library schwag mug of the week (admittedly, I got two from NDLA)

I don’t have any online notes for the presentation I wound up giving with Sharon from the CT state library. Titled “I know what good web design is, why don’t you know what good web design is?” it was a discussion about best practices, benchmarks and coding for accessibility as well as web standards and validation generally. Don’t we all want validation? I participated in a discussion about the political side of 2.0 technologies including my favorite, MySpace. I did make a list of resources during the first part of the event and I think I was the only person really updating the wiki during Library Camp except for other people’s additions to the schedule.

Some more linky discussions of events from Casey, Lichen, Sean, Rebecca and more photos from Flickr. Please add more in the comments if I missed anyone.