Cannibals Won for Christ, and other highlights of the National Library of Vanuatu

Andrew Finegan went to Vanuatu and checked out some libraries. His latest blog post is about the National Library of Vanuatu and worth a read. Also check out the linked RomBlog, the website of Romany a woman who is working as a volunteer, fixing up a school library in Vanuatu. She’s been there since March and her site is a lively look at working in a library in a developing country.

And finally, I am getting reference queries already! Okay, okay, I know it’s not too hard because we don’t have a computer (or electricity, or a phone line, or radio reception) so I’m not using databases, but I’m using other skills (skills that are trickier for me actually, because I’m so used to computers!) – I’m using the encyclopaedia! And I’m teaching the kiddlies to use it too, because even though they have tables full of completely random books, they still have to research for their assignments! Every time I come across a relevant book, I put it aside for them… I feel useful.