library law blog

Speaking of libraries and politics — as I will be in Australia real soon — some of our favorite legal librarians are working together on a Library Law Blog. Really engaging Q&A format for some posts, just raw information in others. Thick with good information, or, as they say “Not legal advice – just a dangerous mix of thoughts and information.”

how to manage smart people, not rocket science

Not quite on-topic but definitely an article I wish every boss I ever worked with had read: How to manage smart people.

The following phrase is one of my favorite tools as a manager: “What do you need from me in order to kick ass on this project?” Asking this question of a report invariably scares the shit out of them. It’s a cut to the chase, where you, as manager, lay out on the table the magic wish list of possibilities, and asks them to put their cards on the table. If a good discussion ensues, you then have the opportunity to actually deliver some of the things they might need. All the pet complaints they’ve been harboring have a chance to surface, and perhaps, simply fade away in the face of your brutal honesty and openness as a manager.