google + ALA web site = ?

One of the search engines that ALA is contemplating the replace the one on their site is the Google search appliance. I’m still mucking about with the various options, but it seems that there are definite benefits to having a search engine that many if not most ALA members (and the public) already know how to use…. or do they? Tara links to Google’s cheet sheet and then adds a few additional syntaxes you might not know about.

technoplans vs. technolust

Michael Stephens has an article in Library Journal Technoplans vs. Technolust about the difference between being a gear fetishinst and having a solid technology plan.

Our users, also technology consumers, have evolving expectations of what the library should provide. Yet new technologies can be disruptive to both staff and public. Added to all this, some of us remain technophobes while others are consumed by technolust—an irrational love for new technology combined with unrealistic expectations for the solutions it brings.

Dartmouth confrerence outreach notes online

I’m just going to be hurling some links up here today. The talks from the Dartmouth conference I was at on Thursday are now all online linked at the end of each presentation. There were some really great ideas about library outreach and assessment put up, I recommed you take a look at a few things librarians are doing. They also did another cool thing [in addition to being fierce about the time limits for talks] which was to have a conference evaluation online. They sent an email reminder with a link to the evaluation form. Anyone who filled out the fairly detailed evaluation form — which had an entry for rating each presentation — would be eligible for a $75 gift certificate for something or other. It added $75 plus staff time to the conference budget but I bet they get nearly 100% return rate on their evaluations. Smart!