one big U’s approach to the serials crisis

Miss Eli shares a Stanford University Libraries memo regarding strategies for trying to staunch the hemorrhaging serials budget.

“Libraries are encouraged to scrutinize the pricing of journals and to drop those where pricing decisions have made them disproportionately expensive compared to their educational and research value. Special attention should be paid to for-profit journals in general and to those published by Elsevier in particular.”

e-books by cory doctorow

Ebooks: Neither E nor Books, a discussion of Ebooks and copyright by Cory Doctorow.

“This isn’t to say that copyright is bad, but that there’s such a
thing as good copyright and bad copyright, and that sometimes,
too much good copyright is a bad thing. It’s like chilis in soup:
a little goes a long way, and too much spoils the broth.”

hi – 25feb

Hi. I am realizing I don’t have categories for anything tech-y except computers. I also launched the library website yesterday and it went well except for one thing that was my fault that went horribly wrong that is now fixed [think custom 404 redirecting to a broken link… yep]. I am also adding a faq to as a result of a good question-and-answer email I got regarding the NYTimes link I used to have. If you think there’s a question that should be there, ask it. As for the questions that are there, they really are frequently asked.

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