hi – 21dec

Hi and Happy Solstice. The days just start getting longer, starting now. I’ve been spending some time mulling over the various responses to the Google/Libraries news from last week, including Karen’s reprinting of Mark Rosenzweig’s comments with some of her own, Rory, and Chuck. While I don’t have a manifesto-worthy response of my own, I just want to point out that most of the issues that are wrapped up in this one event — issues like privacy, commercialization of information, ownership of information, copyright and the future of libraries — have already been playing themselves out, in smaller ways, in libraries everywhere. The fact that one publicly-traded company has been able to use their vast resources to leverage co-operation with prestigious libraries just forces us to examine a lot of these issues together, and all at once. Learn why this issue matters, and then tell your collegagues and friends.

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