hi – 18sep

Hi. An update on my ALA status for anyone who is curious. I was invited to serve on the Membership Committee of ALA which sounded good to me. I found out that I had been appointed to this committee when I found myself subscribed to the email list without my knowledge or permission. Judging by the responses from other people who got signed on — along the lines of “why am I on this list?” — I wasn’t the only one who found this an odd tactic. Upon further investigation, I discovered that I was on the committee as a “virtual member” or an e-member. This is usually a position reserved for people who can’t make conferences where a lot of the committee work occurs. E-members can’t vote. Since I do make conferences and in fact have to make conferences, I was curious as to why I had been assigned a non-voting position on the committee [though I have my suspicions, ALA is rarely as nefarious as I suspect they are being]. I asked around a bit and a few people mentioned that I was a virtual member because I’m good with computers and technology, which was an interesting non-answer but I think translated into “nobody knows.” After some discussion with other councilors, I decided to resign from that committee [too late to keep my name from being printed in the handbook as a member] and took a position with the Committee on Membership Meetings, a newish committee instead. Sorry there are no links to what I am talking about, I can’t bear to use the ALA web site search engine one more time.

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