Leaving the library, going to #beyondcomments

OK many of us know that online comments suck, but why do they suck and how can we make them not suck? I went to a conference to explore that topic.


One of the better pieces of advice I’ve heard from people within a single industry is that there’s a lot to be learned from cross-pollination… going where people are who don’t necessarily share your preconceptions and learning about what is important to you. I’ve been out of the community management game from a job perspective for a few years now but I remain interested in how to achieve great user experiences and community engagement from a library perspective, and interacting with the tech world with that same mentality. The Coral Project is a group trying to do just that. Their seed funding comes from journalism originally, but their lessons apply all over the place. If you’re curious I suggest signing up for their low-volume newsletter or reading along on their blog.

This weekend they had a conference. I usually look forward to all day weekend conferences the same way you’d look forward to a complicated dental appointment but this was a GREAT event: well managed; well-attended, well documented. I don’t want to go over anything you could read elsewhere but I’ll point you to the important bits.

And then, doing my librarian thing, I extracted URLs and Twitter handles from the notes and organized them. You can follow links to things you might be interested in here. Corrections welcome.

Coral & Conference Ppl

Coral: https://twitter.com/coralproject
Andrew Losowsy https://twitter.com/losowsky
Matt Carroll  https://twitter.com/mattatmit (local organizer)
Sydette Harry: https://twitter.com/blackamazon
Greg Barber https://twitter.com/gjbarb
Anika Gupta: https://twitter.com/DigitalAnika (local organizer)
(more staff at this URL)

Lightning talks


Post-Lunch Panel

Second Lightning Talks

Collected URLS