hi – 14apr

Hi. I’m working on finishing up my talk for the Simmons folks, so I’ve been a little scarce around here. This will probably continue for the remainder of the week. A few little notes. I have a Gmail account. This means I get advertised to even more than in the rest of my daily life. You can see what I mean here. The only messages in my inbox are about cheese, see my ads? Yes I’m concerned about privacy, having read the privacy policy, program policy and the terms of use. I’ll report more when I’ve had it for more than half a day. In the meantime, read Mark Pilgrim’s report on how accessible Gmail is [not very], and send your cheese-related email to jessamyn at gmail dot com. Here’s an interesting quote from the World Privacy Forum’s open letter to Google [pdf]

The lowered expectations of email privacy that Google’s system has the potential to create is no small matter. Once an information architecture is built, it functions much like a building — that building may be used by many different owners, and its blueprints maybe replicated in many other places. Google’s technology is proprietary, but the precedents it sets are not.
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