cloudsourcing – NELA-ITS program about the cloud

I was in Worcester yesterday at their lovely public library at a NELA-ITS event with the amusing title “Cloudy with a Chance of Connecting to the Future!” I gave a pretty straightforward talk about what libraries need to think about when they think about cloud technologies. And, for a meta aspect, I asked folks on Twitter for suggestions and advice about how to limit the large amount of stuff cloud-related that I wanted to talk about. I skipped my usual “Web page with list of relevant links” format, but you can see my slides and notes via this pdf if you’re interested. More to the point I wanted to link to the sources that I used that I found really helpful.

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  1. Hi Jessamyn, I was so sorry not to be able to attend the NELA ITS event last Friday (too many other folks absent here at my place of work). Am following up with any links to learn what I can from the presenters. Looks like your link to the Matthew Goldman article is broken or else OCLC is blocking it; could you investigate? Thanks, Celia Allison (Connecticut)

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