4 thoughts on “big metadata sets that anyone can have

  1. People in the English-speaking MARC-library world seem to focus on this world, thus overseeing big open library data publications from other countries and in other formats. For example the hbz – disclaimer: I work there – made the first bigger open data publication in March 2010 (see the press release). Initially it had been 5 Million records, we are now up to more than 10 Million (see entry at the Data Hub) and hope to release the whole 18 M records in the next months.

    Another exampley from Germany: Recently, the German library networks BVB and KOBV released their whole catalogs (more than 23 Milli9on records) in MARC format and in RDF, see here.

    For all interested in open bibliographic data (according to the Principles on Open Bibliographic Data), there is a group at the open data registry “the Data Hub” which is maintained by the OKFN Working Group on Open Bibliographic Data: http://thedatahub.org/group/bibliographic.

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