Information & links regarding Japan’s libraries

This list of information came to the VT Libraries list, via the IFLA list. I found one copy of it online in a sort of random place and it’s a few days old but it’s got a nice comprehensive-seeming outline of what’s going on in Japan and especially in the Japanese library community. IFLA has also made their own resource page which is full of pointers as well as comments from notable Japanese librarians. People who read Japanese will probably get a lot of information from the Savelibrary wiki which has up to date information and a lot of links. The photo comes from this thread (original thread in Japanese) where librarians were posting photos of their institutions just after the earthquake. If you continue to scroll, you’ll see some better photos now that recovery work has started.

2 thoughts on “Information & links regarding Japan’s libraries

  1. What this does not indicate is how many libraries or special collections have been effected by the radioctive fallout from the Fukushima nukiller plant disaster?

    Just how do you clean up a library which has been effected by this kind of pollution?

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