Thomas Mann interviewed by Joshua Kitlas

Library student Joshua Kitlas interviewed LoC reference librarian Thomas Mann for one of his classes at Syracuse. I am a Mann Fan, so it was fun to get to read this.

“The profession is radically getting dumbed down. There is so much more to search than Google or OCLC. You need to see relationships between subjects and their headings. Tags by users are simply no substitute. They’re okay as supplements to controlled vocabularies–but not substitutes. There’s a need to go beyond the internet and look at the systems librarians and publishers have developed that are not accessible by Google or the other engines.”

One thought on “Thomas Mann interviewed by Joshua Kitlas

  1. I am a great Mann fan also! His writings on the necessities of good cataloging, professional librarianship and sound training in information search, retrieval and analysis, is the very instruction librarians, students, and the public need today.

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