bye bye bloglines

Bloglines is shutting down on October 1st. End ofan era, I remember that it was the first site I could use to see who was actually reading my site via RSS. And is also shutting down at the end of the month. I transferred my content there, such as it was to a typepad blog which has been a long series of tech support conversations. I’m curious actually where those domains will even point to a month or two from now.

And I get a lot of library news from the pretty disparate fields of Twitter and print magazines. I’ve been reading Computers in Libraries‘ latest issue [Donna Ekhart and I share a column there] about social technology and enjoying it. Wishing more of the content was online and linkable. And Twitter just this afternoon has pointed me to some great blog posts like this one by Dale Askey about Yale’s new University Librarian and his utter lack of librarian-type qualifications. Strong stuff, and well put.

I’ll continue to use NetNewsWire (for all Mac devices) as my RSS reader, being slightly behind but not buried, as usual, and want to put in a plug for Sage, the Firefox plug in, for those who don’t want to hop on the Google Reader train. It’s a great time to be in the information management business. Thanks Bloglines, you had a good run.

5 thoughts on “bye bye bloglines

  1. Thanks for the pointer to my post, and for the compliment. Saw the spike in my stats this morning and thought, OK, which blogger with an actual readership mentioned this. I felt sort of brutish picking on Yale and Frank like that, but really, when the plum jobs of our profession (and those with the most import) get handed to unqualified scholars, there ought to be a reaction from the ranks.

  2. I’ve used bloglines for a long time and hate to see them go. Thanks for the heads up on Sage, I had figured Gaagle reader was about the only safe bet to transfer to.

  3. Dale, I thought you did a good job saying nice things about the people you worked with [who I knew many of too and also liked] but stuck to keeping-it-real about the larger structural issues inherent in very status-oriented instituions like the ivies. Might be worth teasing out how many big name libraries have non librarians leading them. I love what Palfrey is doing for Harvard Law in some ways, but it’s odd how not-a-librarian he is in a lot of ways.

  4. I used to open Bloglines everyday to read librarian’s blogs including yours in 1997. I’m sad it’s ending. Thanks for the info!

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