6 thoughts on “It is just ridiculous how awesome libraries are.

  1. Oh, Jessamyn. I am sooo familiar with how, when, where, and how much people use their local libraries. Now, if we could only convince them that we can do a *better* job with a little slack in our budget. I’m getting really scared that public libraries face their greatest threat from a public who uses more, expects more, and wants to contribute less.

  2. Didn’t you just love it when Glenn Beck went on his diatribe about government spending — and then said he educated himself “at the library — the books are free”! Well, libraries are awesome but not really free!

  3. I rarely use local library as they don’t make any improvement. They count on gov budget which is less even none and they don’t use their creativity. So, what do we expect? And one more thing, the important one, they don’t put professional (librarian) to run library because they don’t understand the benefit. Bagus Indonesia

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