you know how much of a fashion plate I am, but….

…there’s an appeal to this bag and this bag’s story

“Did you know the [Boston Public Library] is America’s only public library that is also a presidential library?” Bernie [Margolis] asked me on one of my first visits. “It’s John Adams’s Presidential Library. David McCullough researched his John Adams here, and later became a trustee. And let me show you the Abbey Room, which is truly amazing…”

It was on my first tour with Bernie that we came upon a pile of canvas bags down in the basement. I picked one up by its handles and saw that it was unusually deep, stenciled with “Boston Public Library,” and considerably worn.

“We’ve been using these bags for the past hundred years or so,” Bernie said. “The reason they’re so deep is so the delivery man can carry the most number of books relatively comfortably as he shuttles them between our branch libraries—from the truck, up and down stairs, that sort of thing.” Bernie picked up one bag in each hand. “It’s best if you carry two at a time to balance yourself,” he advised.

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3 thoughts on “you know how much of a fashion plate I am, but….

  1. i have two of these and love them. they’re great for hauling car-camping stuff around, for dragging dog beds/leashes/food/toys/snacks to the in-laws, and more. we’ve been using them for about 3 years and even though we’ve beat on them, they look mostly new.

  2. Hi: Just a small correction of the statement by Mr. Margolis: BPL is not the only public library/presidential library. The Forbes Library in Northampton, MA is also the Calvin Coolidge presidential library. Wouldn’t want your excellent blog to repeat misinformation without some reply! – Rick

  3. Hey thanks for the note. I have been making a point to go to Presidential libraries, I’ll make sure to drop by the Forbes next time I’m in town.

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