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One of the funny things about librarianship, to me, is how much of our collective “hive mind” type of knowledge is wrapped up in mailing lists and their online archives. I still subscribe to at least four library-oriented mailing lists though in many cases I have a web-based option for following along as well. I’ve recently become aware of the “Best of PUBLIB” website which has a nice categorized interface to some of the best “strings of comments” that have shown up on PUBLIB. The other lists I read are Web4Lib which I read via the web and VTLIBRARIES and VLABOARD which, to be best of my knowledge, don’t even have public web archives.

3 thoughts on “best of publib

  1. Although I still subscribe to two main library mailing lists, compared to the ease of reading blogs via RSS, I hate email now.

  2. Interesting that Jude says that. I’m on a number of lists and read a lot of blogs and I find email easier.

  3. What’s a “phone box”? I almost didn’t read the story because I was picturing a cardboard box and that didn’t sound very interesting. Luckily I clicked on the link. Now I know what a Phone box” is. I always called them “booths” myself. I should have pulled deeply into my British roots for that one. :-)

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