making a difference, general and specific

I have some odds and ends here that I wasn’t too sure where to put. I try to do linkdumps infrequently. Here are some things I’ve come across in the past week or so that seem to be a few people deciding to improve something and what came out of that decision.

3 thoughts on “making a difference, general and specific

  1. Now, if only ALA would stop printing so much paper I just automatically recycle, at conferences and otherwise…

  2. FIREFOX. I use the Mozilla Browser and it is brilliant….. however when they revamp the whole thing or even update the bits and pieces that were working perfectly well, you do find that they have kept there up-gradings a big secret.
    This means , if like moi! (bit of French) you have a web provider that is pretty dam good but still like them all they never give you prior notice of changes. well if like moi, as I was saying you have that web provider and Firefox (Mozilla) do the upgrading, they have reached 3.5 now and pretty fast it is, with many more gadgets and pretty bg’s and screen-savers… they have moved so fast we have lost, websites, all (I have thousands) because my four websites are for children so Images are a must, you can not have Humpty Dumpty without the Wall and the Kings horses, they create hell and parents write complaining… no this isn’t true I have no complaint’s. but I do have to spend days , uninstalling Firefox 3.5, then reinstalling Firefox 3.14
    replacing all images that went missing and have a blog ready for the next day for all four sites.
    Jessy you have no idea what it’s like, or maybe you have. Why can’t they speak to each other. tell people who use there systems what they will be doing etc. Unlike you the jargon that goes with computing for me, is very limited. I know how to work my sites and very little else. The network facts, offer the forum, but the forum hasn’t got any ideas and when you ask the customer help, well you may get the right answer, but you haven’t got the foggiest idea what they are talking about.
    Gosh I feel good getting all that off my chest, I think I may have gone down a bra size.. (I wish) actually the web provider I work with “Zoomshare,” I must give them a mention because they are very good and their number one trouble shooter, ” Sare” is to be commended for her patience.
    I will leave you know and go across the page and put my blog on for tomorrow, this from Dodiesdreamworld, it’s her turn tonight. I wish I could find out how to put a htlm on and get it to change to text. can’t work out that at all on here. right, I’m off. time for bed.
    Take care and if you can understand half of what I have written about it will be a miracle. hugs and loves Seligor, aka Dorothy Milnes Simm.

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