what’s going on with koha and liblime

“Meanwhile, if there is high ground to be had, I doubt it is currently occupied by LibLime.”

Roy Tennant explains what’s been going on at LibLime and links to a longer post at Library Matters. LibLime’s version of this announcement, on their news feed, is not very encouraging. As someone working with a tiny library and a free version of Koha, I’m particularly disappointed in the libraries that are helping bankroll this and are not pushing for more openness in terms of release dates for code and better communication all around. Meanwhile Nicole Engard whose work I respect a lot has taken a job at Bywater Solutions. They are lucky to have her.

2 thoughts on “what’s going on with koha and liblime

  1. The neat thing is that Biblibre teamed up with Bywater to help the move happen.

    There is an interesting thread on the Koha mailing list at the moment where people are pushing for Liblime to make the code available in a public repository.

    I sincerely hope this happens.

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