what is the cloud, please

People at drop-in time who are just learning to use email have been asking me if I know what “the cloud” is lately. I assume the NY Times wrote something about it. I know it well enough to explain it to someone who also doesn’t know what Bcc is, but I wasn’t sure I understood it enough to be talking to other librarians about it. Here is a good First Monday article that spells out a lot of it: Where is the cloud? Geography, economics, environment, and jurisdiction in cloud computing. Some more discussion about how this affects libraries from the latest Library 2.0 Gang podcast. [thanks justin!]

3 thoughts on “what is the cloud, please

  1. … Cloud ?

    Nothing is impossible, like definitions of a noun or even a verb in one or three sentenses.

    I came across such a question when someone was asking about “WHAT IF I HAD TEN MILLION DOLLARS WITH ME, WHAT WOULD I DO WITH IT”.
    This type of question is almost similar to questions like “WHO IS GOD, PLEASE.”

    However nowadays people prefers instant personal answers that they can do battles with as in the MSN Sports BATTLES.

    We are definitly now in the open arena, as in the challenging era, in pursuit of better than the best. Doubtless it is going towards a crisis or challenge that is heading for another chaotic state.

    And, obviously it will be fast and furious, but do enjoy the trip when it is well managed or organized.

    IN one sentance is ‘”The simplest proper answer would always be … “SEEK in the proper dictionary.”‘

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