free book on library blogs

Thanks to Sarah Houghton-Jan’s pointer, I’ve taken a look at LibWorld – library blogging worldwide a collaborative publishing project outlining the state of the biblioblogosphere worldwide (well mostly North America, Australia and Europe, plus Peru). The book is available as a free download or you can purchase a print viersion. It’s released under a CC license which is good because as much as I like the content, the formatting is really weird and I’ve been toying around with maybe re-releasing it with different formatting because it’s Wintertime and I am a fussy librarian.

2 thoughts on “free book on library blogs

  1. I’m as fussy as you are. I will have to download it and take a look at the format. I’ll bet I will find it a little bit annoying as well. lol

  2. If you do (and I would applaud it if you did) can I please get a chance to correct one or two major errors in my chapter on the Norwegian biblioblogosphere? I managed to overlook them both two times, first when I wrote the thing, and then when we did the corrections before publishing. Hurray for fussy librarians:-)

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