do you make stuff? library stuff?

Since my bank receipt today came with holly berries on it, I figure it’s time to start the holiday sidebar.

I’m not much of a shopper, but I’m aware that I am not particularly normal in this regard. So, similar to last year I’ll have a sidebar on illustrating particularly excellent things that mike make good gifts for librarians. Feel free to add your own in the comments. Last year I got both of my parents woodblock prints from David Bull — a guy I know from MetaFilter — and am particpating in his affiliate program this year. I also have a pair of miniature book earrings from ShoeString press that are pretty nifty. Every year at MetaFilter we do a listing of shops run by MeFites, if there are readers that have wares to hock, please feel free to drop me a note or put a comment below.

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  1. 10Nov08 at 6:47

    Another artisan who does miniature book earrings, charm bracelets, pins, etc is PATTIE TIERNEY DESIGNS WEARABLE ART. Her wearable art can be found at

  2. 11Nov08 at 11:39

    I would love to have my tiny online fabric store mentioned.

  3. 11Nov08 at 3:29

    How about giving the gift of music? My songs celebrate reading, books, and libraries, and even though they are “kids’ songs,” librarians (especially children’s librarians) tend to love them.

  4. 12Nov08 at 2:58

    I’ve got plenty of t-shirt designs for my fellow librarians:

  5. 13Nov08 at 12:14

    Thanks for the opportunity to promote stuff! Librarian-made quilted handbags ( make great gifts! And if you like handmade stuff is a great place to shop.

  6. 14Nov08 at 6:17

    I’ve got a shop on Etsy where I sell handmade books and journals. Many of them are made from recycled nautical maps (shhhh, they’re discards from my library), and the rest use Japanese Chiyogami paper. I do custom orders and book conservation as well, so if you require certain specs, I’m all ears. I do gift certificates for restoration/conservation as well.
    Thanks, Jessamyn!

  7. 14Nov08 at 6:58

    I make bookmarks and journals – I onlyjust opened my Etsy shop, so there’s not a lot there, but there will be quite a bit more by the end of the weekend.

  8. 15Nov08 at 7:34

    I make books and little book earrings — shop’s mostly empty (nearly sold out last weekend), but I can be found at

  9. 17Nov08 at 3:48

    Part of It (dot org) has our awesome Ryan Waller “Library” t-shirt and tote for sale (thanks for featuring it last year, J!). The shirt recently was featured in Print Magazine’s 2008 Regional Design Award issue, out this month. And a portion of the funds from each sale goes to the New York Public Library.

    Personally, I also like our “Inherit the Wind” tote and tee (by designer Mark Owens), which is perfect for bookish and ecological types, as well as Daniel Eatock’s “Alphabet” set. All have gone down super well with my fellow librarian/archivist types. Thanks for the opportunity to list our wares!

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