ALA moves towards more open library content.

Via AL Direct comes this good news press release from ALA.

“Opening up American Libraries’ searchable PDFs at is just the first step toward making all future features and columns available on the site in HTML format in 2009,” said Leonard Kniffel, editor in chief. The current issue of the print magazine will be open to all, as will back issues through 2003; they were all formerly accessible only with a member log-in. The revamped AL website will link content to the AL online forum [hot link] where readers are encouraged to express their opinions about professional issues, news and controversies.

I wonder if this means that AL Direct will be archived and linkable online? American Libraries also has their own blog where they talk more about the decision to open up more of their content.

2 thoughts on “ALA moves towards more open library content.

  1. Yes, this “open access” move will save me at least $42 next year, money that I can throw to SLA, where I expect to get a significantly greater ROI (easy to say since I’m currently getting none!). I’m happy.

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