My ALA – Anaheim version

Walt says what I’d be saying if I were even at the “Hey I’m going to ALA” post yet.

See you in Anaheim? Say Hi. I’m terrible with names and still an introvert, but I’m almost always approachable and ready to chat. And if I seem to be in a hurry…that’s just the way I walk, and shouldn’t carry any deeper meaning.

I’ll be at ALA starting from Friday sometime to Sunday late or Monday sometime. I am pretty much not available for one-on-one hangout mealtime but I really like running into people and finding ways to sort of co-conference.

After cycling off of Council I swore I wouldn’t work at another ALA conference unless someone paid my way. So, I’m presenting on a panel with Louise Alcorn on Saturday and MaintainIT is footing the bill. I’m getting day passes for Saturday and Sunday (blogging a panel then) and not registering for the conference which I can get away with because I’m not technically a librarian and not an ALA member anymore. I anticipate trouble.

Anyhow, here is my schedule. Please say hi if you see me. I’ll have my cell phone on me, ping me if you’d like the number, or it’s on facebook.

– arrive LA, dinner/stay with high school pal

– get to Anaheim somehow [anyone want to give me a ride? late morning?]
– Mover & Shaker lunch maybe (unlikely actually)
– dinner with Macee from MeFi

– my panel, 10:30-12
– MetaFilter meetup
– late night facebook meetup maybe

– ALA Privacy Panel 1-3 Room 201D (I’m blogging, not participating)
– OCLC Blogger thing @ Hilton, Palisades room

– get to LAX (share a shuttle, anyone?) fly home at noon

I’m staying with Louise Alcorn at the Disneyland Hotel, lord help us. Anyone else staying there?

3 thoughts on “My ALA – Anaheim version

  1. I’m at the Disneyland Hotel – perhaps we’ll pass each other in the elevator. :-p

  2., which I probably don’t need to mention b/c it’s likely you already know, offers a $16 each-way shuttle to LAX and will p.u./d.o. at most Anaheim hotels. You can book in advance. Only bummer is they cruise around and pick up others going your way, so it takes a bit more time, but there you have it for what its worth. Hope to see you there,


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