Save LAPL – did you know it needed saving?

Some friends of mine are working on the Save LAPL website. Los Angeles Public Library is having budget problems and considering some odd (and to my mind bad) choices about how to curtail services including…

Unless citizens of L.A. can convince Mayor Villaraigosa and The Board of Library Commissioners to change their plans, starting on July 1st all branch libraries will begin charging a fee of $1 per book to request anything sent from another branch. This wouldn’t be so bad if local branches were well stocked with reading material, but they simply are not, and were never meant to be.

Please consider learning more and adding a testimonial or getting involved.

One thought on “Save LAPL – did you know it needed saving?

  1. I know this is somewhat tangential, but this isn’t that uncommon where I am now–at the library in the city I recently moved to, Burnaby, BC, they charged 50 cents to put books on hold until very recently; now they give everyone 30 (why 30??) free holds per year. Even at the Vancouver Public Library, you only get 50 free holds per year. Having come from Seattle, I was shocked and appalled.

    On the other hand, there is that health care thing…

    Hope LAPL staves it off. Charging for holds seems profoundly undemocratic to me.

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